Hire Bikes

Bikes especially for touring

We have a fleet of 100 mostly GT touring bikes available for hire. Bike hire is included in our structured tours, however the bikes can also be hired for freedom tours.

You have a choice between conventional mountain bikes and women's low bar frames.  We also have a growing fleet of ebikes.

The Bikes

The 2018 and 2019 bikes are GT Avalanches with 27 speed Deore derailleurs, Shimano Disk brakes and 29" wheels (27.5 on small and XS).  

Most bikes have Conti Tour Ride tyres, but off-road tyres are available on some.

 2018 Avalanche

eBikes are mostly GT ePanterra Mountain bikes with Shimano  Steps E6000 mid mounted motors on mountain bike frames.  These are pedal assist only and on an eco setting will cover over 100kms on a single charge (Shorter distances on higher assist levels).

 epanterra eBike

We also have 4 Smart Motion eCity step through bikes.  The remainder of the main fleet are  2016 GT Aggressors, but we have an increasing selection of other styles - see the pictures at the bottom.


 Each bike hire includes

  • Comfortable Gel seat
  • Handlebar bag (much better than a backpack in a hot climate)
  • Helmet
  • Pump, spare tube, basic tools
  • Rear Carrier
  • Lock

Optional extra:

  • Rear Panniers

All bikes are cleaned and serviced between hires and fitted to you.


More bike photos at bottom

Electric Bikes

We have a fleet of 16 Electric bikes available for hire.  First preference for these will go to groups of regular cyclists who have some members of the group who want or need more assistance.

These are GT Panterra mountain bikes and  Smart Motion e-City bikes.

Childrens Bikes

We have a range of childrens bikes, a tagalong, kiddy seats and a bike trailer for children.

The tag-a-long, bike trailer and child seat are only hired in conjunction with an adult bike hire.


New Zealand Dollars

  Half Day Daily Rate 7 Days Extra Days (after 1 week) Extra weeks
Bike Hire $NZ 40 $NZ 50 $NZ 210 $NZ 30 $NZ 90
Electric Bike Hire $NZ 50 $NZ 80 $NZ 370 $NZ 60 $NZ 240
Full Suspension Bike (GT Sensor) $NZ 50 $NZ 80 $NZ 370 $NZ 60 $NZ 240
Pannier Hire $NZ 5 $NZ 5 $NZ 25 $NZ 5 $NZ 15
Children's bikes and WeeHoos $NZ 20 $NZ 30 $NZ 120 $NZ 20 $NZ 60
Tag-a-long/ Child trailer $NZ 15 $NZ 25 $NZ 50 $NZ 10 $NZ 25
Kiddy seat $NZ 10 $NZ 10 $NZ 25 $NZ 5 $NZ 15

Samoan Tala (WST)

  Half Day Daily Rate 7 Days Extra Days (after 1 week) Extra weeks
Bike Hire WST 70 WST 85 WST 350 WST 50 WST 150
Electric Bike Hire WST 85 WST 140 WST 680 WST 100

WST 420 

Full Suspension Bike (GT Sensor) WST 85 WST 140 WST 680 WST 100 WST 420
Pannier Hire WST 10 WST 10 WST 45 WST 10 WST 30
Children's bikes  WST 35 WST 50 WST 200 WST 35 WST 100
Tag-a-long/ Child trailer WST 30 WST 45 WST 90 WST 20 WST 45
Kiddy seat WST 20 WST 20 WST 45 WST 10 WST 30

A deposit is required when hiring.  This is usually a 900 Tala pre-authorisation on a credit card.

Rates Effective July 2019

Other Bikes

Womens low-bar bikes


Hybrid Touring Bike


The Transeos have more efficient tyres,but require a sports riding position and are not suitable for gravel tracks.  They suit regular touring riders but occassional riders will be more comfortable on the Aggressors.

Aggressor Mountain Bikes


These have hydraulic disc brakes and off road tyres.  They are intended to be used on mountain bike trails as we develop them around Mulifanua, but some riders will enjoy trying the gravel tracks and roads found on the general tours.

Child carriers/Trailers

IMG 2119

We have 2 of these trailers.  They can take two children each (max loaded weight of trailer 45kgs).  They can be used as luggage trailers.

IMG 2115

Suitable for children from 9-20 Kgs or 1-4 years old.  


IMG 2116

Best suited to 4-8 year olds.  

Kids Bikes


24" bikes for kids 6-10.  We find that kids from 8 up can generally ride the XS 26"Aggressors and appreciate the extra efficiency they offer.  We hire these aggressors to people under 12 for the kids bike prices.  Our youngest person to ride all 200kms around Savaii was 9.